Thursday, September 25, 2008

Moos and Inchies and Arches, Oh My!

Just for fun, I decided I want to start participating in some weekly challenges. I will have to veer from my standard cards and scrapbook pages into new territory -- moos, inchies, ATCs, and gothic arches. All are pieces of art but in different size formats. Moos are 1.1" x 2.8" (about the size of a business card). Inchies are 1" squares, and twinchies are 2" squares of art. Artist Trading Cards (ATCs) are 2.5" x 3.5" (about the size of a playing card). These have 'strict rules' where they can be traded but never sold. And gothic arches, are, well, arch shaped, but the size may vary. All of these can be used on cards (or you can make arch shaped cards like Kristin).

I am hoping to get some done and posted soon. This week's Gothic Arch Challenge is your favorite movie (also hosted by Kristin). I'm not going to tell you which movie, but I will give you a hint - there is a gnome. :)

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